Intial NFT Offering

A ecosystem which enables creators to make their own NFT DAOs. The owner of the NFT becomes the member of the Creator's DAO. And by holding NFTs, HODLers can earn yeild whenever Creator or DAO makes profits.

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What We Do ?

Nftable is an nft creation,minting and funding ecosystem where creators can fund their project by initial NFT offerings.

The mechanism enables creators to build an early community — active traders and experienced investors — around the NFT project. And by holding NFTs, HODLers can earn yeild whenever Creator or DAO makes profits. .This represents a unique opportunity to lower the risk of entry for creating resource-intensive NFT projects.

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Where It Can Be Used ?

Everywhere Talent Need Money

Content Creation

You can create your non fungible token here.


Content Monetization

A decentralised platform to monetize your content.


Content Funding

Creators can fund their content here.


What Makes Us Unique

For NFT projects and creators, Initial NFT Offering (INO) rises as a brand new type of offering that leverages the strongest elements of NFT technology. INO empowers them to kick-start their success stories. Despite its meteoric growth, the NFT market is still in its infancy. INO serves as an innovative solution to resolve the current challenges that all participants face. So INO facilitates NFT liquidity, eases the listing process, avoids the compliance risks, and provides an inclusive experience for users. The new crypto funding innovation empowers global art lovers and collectors to enter the booming NFT space.


Easy-to-Launch NFT Projects:

Through Initial NFT Offerings, anyone can issue limited edition NFTs through our decentralized platform. Initial NFT Offerings enable everyone — big and small ideas — to be recognized by a wider range of audience. Many creators, still in the process of creating their masterpiece, need new funding to finance their projects. With initial NFT offerings, any artist can raise the needed funds before creating.


Early Community Building:

Investor and creator will create an ecosystem by which Investor will fund in its project by initial NFT offering which will provide creator initial instant money . The creator will use this money to fund its project after successful launch of its project or it project become money making investor will Get some percentage of its profit as an early investor to its project till the time it hold NFT of that Project


Higher Investment Returns:

Companies and individuals are using Initial NFT Offerings (INFTOs) as a way to raise capital or participate in investment opportunities. INFTOs typically involve the issuance of crypto tokens, which the operators create and distribute using the blockchain technology: Meanwhile, Initial NFT Offering solves many of the challenges for artists and creators selling art NFTs and collectibles. Anyone can issue limited edition NFTs through decentralized platforms with the advantages of instant liquidity, Investor did not have an static holding but an passive holding that will generate yields .

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